Spittin’ Image

Identical Twin Duo

“Might be as unique and as fun filled a show as there is anywhere today…”
The Cincinnati Inquirer

 Music, Memories and More

 For 47 years, Blain and Brian Swabb, the identical twin duo, have entertained audiences across the country. 
 15 of those years owning and performing in their own nightclub/restaurant, “My Brother’s Place”. 
   With their constant touring, and almost daily performances, they are always perfecting and mastering their skills.

Their longevity alone is a testament to their success and to the magnetism that
draws their audiences to their show, 425+ shows each year.

                   Blain and Brian love to sing and play their instruments as much as they love to entertain an audience.  Opening shows and sharing the stage with Neil McCoy,
                    Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers, The Casinos, David Allen Coe, Trace Adkins, Gary Allen, Faron Young, Margo Smith, Bill Anderson, Confederate Railroad,
        Lady Antebellum, among others, and featured on RFD TV several times.  
                     They intertwine wonderful harmonies with excellent musicianship, and mix it all with comedy, audience participation, and a high-energy show.   
                   Spittin’ Image has the ability to spontaneously engage their audience to make EACH show a unique one...NEVER THE SAME SHOW, no matter how many times you see them! 
They’ll take you on a happy trip down memory lane singing classic country, current country, and classic rock.  If you catch a show, you will also likely hear
       Motown, Bluegrass, and Blues.
                       Spittin’ Image are two of the most versatile, fun-loving, enthusiastic performers you will ever see.    With extensive and outstanding musical skills and a terrific
                         variety of fine-tuned comedy routines, Spittin’ Image will surprise and delight your audience.  With their "Twin Telepathy" they think and perform as one. 
Their vocal blend and harmony comes across as only siblings can produce.

                After all, with return bookings  from Ohio to Florida to Texas and Arizona, and all over the Midwest each year ... says it all!