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43 YEARS OF PLAYING MUSIC, 1972 - 2015



                                      Identical twin brothers who love to sing and play their instruments as much as they

                                          love to entertain an audience.  Intertwining wonderful vocal ability with excellent
                                          musicianship, and mixing it all with comedy, audience participation, and a high energy

                                        show.  Top 40 and classic country, current country, and classic rock is the music they

                                           love to perform.  If you catch a show, you will also likely hear Motown, Bluegrass, and Blues. 


                                  Blain and Brian Swabb were born and raised, and still live in Greenville, Ohio,

                                 Darke County.  They started picking their instruments at a young age, and by the time

                                  they turned 13 years old the twins formed their first group.  At 14 years old they were

                                performing most weekends.  After graduating from high school, the two traveled the

                              Midwest playing the hotel and resort circuit.  After 8 years on the road, they came back

                              to their hometown to own, operate, and perform in their nightclub,

                              “My Brother’s Place”, which they had for 15 years.  In 1998, the twins went back out

                               on the road, and now average over 500 shows per year.  They cover most of Ohio and

                               surrounding states. 


                              Spittin’ Image are two of the most versatile, fun-loving, enthusiastic performers you’ve

                              ever seen.  With extensive and outstanding musical skills and a terrific variety of

                              fine-tuned comedy routines, Spittin’ Image will surprise and delight your audience.


                                   Brian does most of the lead vocals and also adds the harmony to the sound.   

                               He is a wonderful guitar player and probably knows a million chords.  Besides

                               sequencing all the added background instrumentation ( drums, bass, piano, etc…),

                               he is the emcee for the group.           


                                    Blain is the oldest twin (by 26 minutes).  He can play the heck out of his

                               Gibson 8-string mandolin, but is equally at home on his custom made 5-string

                               mandolin.  When he’s not playing the mandolin he is playing his harmonicas or

                               adding his vocal talents.  He also has a love of doing pantomimes. 




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