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                                                                  And on the homefrontů  


                                          Brian and Blain are the youngest of five children. 
                                          Mom, Marjory lives in Greenville
                                          Kirk, the oldest lives in Greenville,  their sister Lynnette lives in Dayton, 

                                          and their sister Onda lives in Cincinnati. 


                         (clockwise from lower left: Brian, Lynnette, Kirk, Onda, Blain, & Mom)


                                               Dad, Robert, passed away in 2006. 


                                                              (clockwise from left: Blain, Blain's son Kyle, Brian, & Dad)



Blain and Barbara have been married since 1989.

They enjoy spending their time with their children and grandchildren,

and tending to their beautiful yard and pond

Kyle received his Master's Degree from Ball State University and he & Sharon live in Washington, DC

Matt, Brittany and grandson Liam live in St. Petersburg, FL

Angie, Jeff and grandson Lucas live in San Rafael, CA

Bryan, Lori, and grandchildren Jake and Ashley & Jeff with great-grandson Max live in Beavercreek, OH 

and Kate lives in CA       



     Click for Blain and Barbara's family pictures